Peanutbutter Banana Chocolate Bonbons

You know about my never ending love to peanutbutter. Favorably paired with banana. And chocolate. Well here is the ultimate combination. The bee’s knees. The cherry on top. Oh just try it, will ya?


2-3 bananas (cut in 3-4 cm pieces)
5 tbsp. peanutbutter
3 tbsp. full fat greek yoghurt
1 ½ tsp. runny honey
1 bar of dark chocolate
1 bar of milk chocolate

This is too easy. Cut the banana into pieces. Mix peanutbutter, yoghurt and honey. Have a taste if you like consistency and sweetness. Melt the chocolate over a hot water bath or in the microwave. Yes. In the microwave. I do that sometimes. No shame in that. Don’t put it on max though!
Layer your muffin tin, or if you are luckier lady than me, you mini muffin tin with cling or aluminum foil. Fill with a good teaspoon chocolate and stick a banana piece on top, until you filled all. Place in the freezer, for about 5 minutes until the chocolate has hardened. 

Get out and spread the peanutbutter mix on top the banana and drizzle with more chocolate. Place in the freezer again for a few minutes, when hard, put into the fridge. Enjoy cold on a hot day. Do not let the cat come to close. She will want some too.

Keeps good in the fridge for about three days. And fills every one of these days with instant joy!  

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