Strawberry couscous

If I had to give this weekend a name, it would be the Very-Berry-Weekend! Cheesy, but true. In view of the constant rain pouring form the clouds, we decided to take spring to our home and table and had a whole weekend of berry-inspired food! We are starting off with an strawberry couscous salad!


250g couscous
250g boiled water
pint of fresh strawberries
1 ripe avocado
150g feta
4 tbsp. olive oil extra virgine
lemon (zest and juice)
salt, pepper, fresh mint leaves

Pour the boiled water over the couscous and let soak for 5 minutes, until all the water is absorbed. Stir with a fork NEVER with a spoon. It will remain its fluffiness better this way (which to me is important, I get if you do not care as much.) Half your strawberries, cut up your avocado and crumble your feta. Mix with the couscous and season well with oil, salt and pepper, mint leaves, some lemon zest and juice. Done is your spring salad for a colorful Friday night. Enjoy with a martini (if you like, but I always like a martini!)

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