Blueberry Buttercake

Very-Berry-Recipe Vol.2.: We are off to blueberry land. Blueberry land is country full of butter sees with white sand sugar beaches and a waft of vanilla cake in the air. You’re with me on than one right? Off we go. 


500g all-purpose flour
1 package active dry yeast (or the equivalent of fresh yeast)
2 eggs
250ml milk
75g+100g butter
75g + 100g sugar
pinch of salt
almond slivers
at least 250g blueberries
Vanilla extract
Lemon juice and zest (organic)
1 tbsp. corn starch

To go to blueberry town, you have to take the long way down…no actually you just have to wait for your yeast dough to rise. But first you start by mixing the flour with the dry yeast, salt and 75g of the sugar and vanilla extract. Knead in the warmish milk, 100g of the butter (melted) and the two eggs until everything is combined and you have a soft, not too sticky dough. Leave covered with a clean kitchen towel at a warmish place for about 45 minutes. In the meantime get out your blueberries, 75g of sugar, the zest of your lemon a good spritzer of lemon juice mixed with the corn starch and let bubble away until slightly thickened. I prefer using organic fruits in general, but especially when using the zest, as regular fruits are treated more extensively with chemical that will end up in your food. Not so yummy. 

Right, now take out the dough; press it into a square oven form. Press several hollows in your dough to fill with small pieces of the rest of the butter (cold). It will look like a lot, but trust me it’s not and it’s worth it- this is an adaption of the classic German Buttercake after all. 

Drizzle with your blueberry sauce and sprinkle thick with the rest of your sugar and some almonds. Bake 25 minutes at a 175°C oven. 

Enjoy with slightly cooled with whipped cream and a big pot of black tea! Best when served fresh!

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