Aspargus Tartelettes with Wild Garlic Pesto

Here in Germany, asparagus season has hit. When I was a kid, this seemed like the worst time for me in my house food-wise. I felt that my parents ate nothing but asparagus for weeks. As I grew older I realized two things. First: asparagus is, indeed, a great, delicate and versatile vegetable. Like oh so many times, my parents were right about that (and about eating what is in season where you live, obviously!). The second thing I realized: next to the here much more popular white asparagus, there is the green sort too. Not a revelation, to you on the American continents, but for me, it was. So here is to a big yeah to asparagus – let’s it for weeks to come. Oh and also, make pesto from wild garlic, which is also in season and so yummy. Off to an early weekend at the beach – have a great one!

Get some sheets of pre-made puff pastry out. Yes, please do take the shortcut here. Brush it with some olive oil, grate some hard cheese like Parmesan or Emmenthal and sprinkle it on the pastry. Season with pepper. Layer your asparagus on the pastry, brush it with olive oil and season it with some sugar and salt. Bake in the oven for about 15-20 min. at 180°C. Meanwhile make your pesto. Get a bunch of wild garlic, 50g roasted pine nuts, two tablespoon of lemon juice and 4 tablespoon of olive oil into a blender and blitz everything together. Season with salt and pepper. Ready is a super yummy seasonal lunch or dinner!

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