Rhubarb cake


I love weekends. I mean, obviously, everybody does. I especially love weekends when I found the time to do something that inspired me. A lot of the times, that is trying out a new recipe. Or watching an amazingfilm. Or listening to a new record. Or have great read. When I got to do something that inspired me, it can give me an all-weekend high. I feel like I accomplished something, even though I did not in any way contribute to the book I just read. That does not really matter to me though, because I did accomplish learn a new view on something. I was challenged to learn that the world as it is could be different in millions of ways. And this fact might be something that one can forget over the passing of a dull working week. Weekends are for challenge and inspiration! Hope you had great one!

300g all-purpose flour
60g sugar
150g butter
1 egg
pinch of salt

800g – 1kg rhubarb
ca. 130g sugar
vanilla extract

4 egg whites
pinch of salt
150g sugar
100g ground almonds

This is one of my mother’s precious all-time favorite recipe. It makes a whole baking trey, and can feed your family, friends and your office.  All right, start by making the crust – sift the dry ingredients together and knead in the egg and cold, diced butter. Press onto the baking trey (covered with a baking sheet please). Cut op the rhubarb and cook it for about 15 min. with the vanilla and sugar (you can use less or more sugar, just have taste). Spread on the crust. Now beat the egg whites with the salt until stiff and slowly insert the sugar and the almonds. Spread on the cake as well.  

Now bake at a 175°C for around 60 minutes.

Let cool and enjoy with some rhubarb lemonade (the best!).


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