Lemon Polenta Cake

I decided to just bake and post so many spring inspired recipe, until the warm weather and sunny days actually arrive. So here we start with a bright yellow lemon polenta cake. Like sun on a plate. Did you notice those beautiful little speckles of color? This is from a wildflower sprinkles mix I got as a Christmas present from a lovely new friend of mine (fellow cat-lover and for sure unicorn in a former life) and I now use it to decorate about everything. I mean, isn’t it the prettiest thing to sprinkle flowers on your sweets? Hello, spring? Are you listening?


250g butter, softened
250g sugar
3 eggs
100g ground almonds
200g polenta
1 tsp. baking powder
2 tbsp. full-fat yoghurt
1 tsp. vanilla extract
zest of 2 lemons, juice of 1 lemon

Powdered sugar
juice of 1 lemon

Cream together the sugar with the lemon zest and the butter, than add the eggs one by one. Beat until everything is light and fluffy, than add the other ingredients. Mix until everything is incorporated. Fill the batter in a spring-form cake tin and bake at 180°C oven for 45-50 minutes. 

Meanwhile whisk a teacup filled with powdered sugar together with the juice of the remaining lemon. Add more powdered sugar if you want a thicker consistency. Let the cake cool for a bit. Than prick it with a tooth pick and spread the icing on top. Sprinkle with spring flowers and enjoy with a cup of Earl Grey!  

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