Ikea Gingerbread Cookies

Nope, not a typo – I totally did something unforgivable. I bought a ready-made cookie mix. Go on, judge me. But I can explain...sort of. So, I went to Ikea yesterday with a friend and I was planning to buy all sorts of Christmassy stuff, like cute gift wrapping paper and cards and whatnot! However, everything, and I repeat, EVERYTHING I wanted was sold out. At one point I actually attacked a gift wrapping station with a roll of pink and flowery gift wrap.
Left were only weird spring decorated things
and gingerbread cookie dough. I was desperate. I was tired and frustrated. My brain needed something Christmassy to cheer me up.
So, next to a couch, in our cart went two bottles of Glögg (Ikea version of mulled wine) and gingerbread dough. After coming home, I started baking and decorating on the spot. I swear the
se cookies are only to use as gift wrap decoration and Christmas tree ornaments. I would never eat store bought dough cookies. Munch. Crunch. I thwear.


One Ikea gingerbread cookie dough mix (tataaa)
Loads of icing sugar and decoration

I am not even going to explain this. It’s on the package. However, as I know that you are way better than me, here a very good recipe to make your own gingerbread cookies.

Two things I learned from that day: 1. Start buying you Christmas stuff at Ikea in October 2. Men are way better at decorating cookies than women (or me apparently). This super pretty three dimensional gift cookie? Yeah, not me, that, for sure my friends, was my boyfriend. Also I even burned a batch. I am at the top of my game people, at the very top of my game.  

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  1. What Icing did you use and how did you make it ?