Sugar coated almonds

It’s official. I have warned you. Being home this weekend has tipped me over the edge. My Christmas mania has begun. So, all I did this weekend was decorating my parents’ house, picking out a Christmas tree in the woods and making sweet treats. What? You think that might be a little early? Not in my universe fellas! I enjoyed every last bit of it! And, seriously, who wouldn’t, with these little treats at hand?! (You think this looks kitschy? Hell yeah, it does, but it’s Christmas time baby!)


200 – 250g of unpeeled almonds
150g sugar
half a teacup of water
a shot glass of rum
1 tsp. cinnamon
I know, this is not my usual perfectly measured gram list. This is because it is one of my mother’s recipes. My mother cooks likes that, in amounts that she feels are right. She refuses to measure them (so I did some measuring, with the sugar and stuff). It works however, just fine like that! So it is important that you roast the almonds in an uncoated pan, preferably steel! You would scratch any usual pan doing this. Also, best use a wooden spoon. 

So, put the almonds in uncoated pan, as well as all other ingredients. Let the sugar dissolve and bubble away on high heat, until the water is gone and all is left is stringy caramel. That will take about 10 minutes. Take the pan off the heat and let it cool, until the almonds are back to looking sugary.   

When everything is smooth and gleaming shiny again get the almonds on a baking sheet. Try to separate them from each other as good as you can. Let cool and harden for ten minutes. Heavenly sweet crunchiness awaits you! Also, perfect last minute present! Keep in an airtight container, but they probably won’t last that long anyways. Yum, crunch.



  1. yummy!

    reminds me some traditional Georgia's sweets which I have ate there.

    hm, I have to try this one! thanks!

    1. If you tried, I really hope they turned out well! Thanks for you sweet comment!