Pumpkin and grape pizza

The word of this season is process. Everything evolves. Everything moves forward. Even though this is definitely a good thing, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Good thing we still have pizza to rely on. Because even an evolved pizza with cream cheese, pumpkin and grapes is stillpizza! Enjoy this bright orange, dotted with grape jewels, best-of-autumn dish!

375g all-purpose flour
½ tsp. sugar
2 tsp. dry yeast
1 tsp. salt
250ml water
2 tbsp. olive oil
5 tbsp. cream cheese (preferably organic)
pumpkin (Hokkaido, butternut), finely sliced
grapes, deseeded and halved
some prosciutto (optional)
salt, pepper, chili flakes

Let’s start by making a simple pizza dough, no hard work required. Just toss all the dry ingredients together and knead together with the slightly warm water. Let rise for about an hour. Pre-heat your oven on 250°C. Slice your pumpkin and halve your grapes in the meantime. Or in my case, sweep the leaves that the storm brought into your garden.  It’s the season what can I say. I am one kind of crazy girl. Right, now the dough is risen and you can get with kneading olive oil into it. When incorporated, roll it out and form a pizza. Spread the cream cheese, layer the pumpkin slices, dot with grapes, decorate with prosciutto and season with thyme leaves, sea salt, pepper and maybe some chili flakes, if you like it spicy.

Turn the oven down to 220°C and bake your pizza for about 12 minutes. It is so good, you won’t believe it! Also, process will stop for just about a second. In your mind at least.


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