Orange Vanilla Upside Down Tarte

You guys, let’s talk about traveling. Isn’t it the absolute best? Isn’t it also the absolute best excuse for making a break in blogging once in a while? Well, you will have to excuse my absence for some time, because I am off to the whipped cream topped scenery of the alpine mountains. I know, I would be jealous too, if I were you, (that is, if you are not, by any chance, living in Canada, cause, really the Alps cannot top the Rockies I am well aware of that.) If you are not off to vacation please feel free to find remedy in all things sweet and scrumptious. Like this fabulous Orange Upside Down Tarte. Just an idea. Have a great one and see you back to bake Easter lambs!


2 eggs
110g sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
75g flour
¼ tsp. baking powder
75g butter, melted
60g ground almonds

220g sugar
125ml water
1 vanilla pod
2 oranges (organic)

Again, this is a recipe adapted from Donna Hay – I made it with double the amount of the ingredients above first and out came more of an upside down cake. I thought this would work better as more of tarte, so I halfed everything but feel free to adapt! To make the caramelized vanilla oranges, scrape out the vanilla pod and cook in the water and sugar mixture in an oven save pan. When the sugar is dissolved add the thinly sliced oranges and cook on medium heat for about 10min. Done. Cream the eggs, vanilla and sugar together until frothy and pale (ca.5min.).  Insert the rest of the ingredients one after the other while you keep stirring.

Spread the smooth and fluffy cake batter over the oranges. You may think there is too much liquid left but it will caramelize after you baked the tarte, for 25-30 minutes at a 160°C oven. Enjoy the last oranges of the season (with loads of whipped cream imagining alpine sceneries)

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