Mango and Ginger Sorbet

Who is just as done with winter, grey skies and rainy snow as I am? Spring, come on, will you just hurry up a bit? I am looking forward to your first green leaves and flowers, your longer and brighter days and your promising new starts.
To help you on the way, here is a fresh and sun-colored start in the week with mango and ginger sorbet.  Please, don’t let me wait too long!


4 large mangos
½ of a medium sized ginger root
½ tsp. vanilla extract
juice of 1 lemon
a pinch of salt
200 g sugar
4 tbsp. water
This is a really large batch sorbet, so feel free to half the ingredients if you don’t have as many mouth to feed! Start by peeling and cutting the mangos and mash them with a food processor as finely as possible. There is the option to strain the mango puree through a hair sieve if you fancy real fine and creamy sorbet and have spare time on your hand. However, I feel like I never have spare time to give away, so I really didn’t bother to do something like that. When the puree is done, mix with vanilla, salt and lemon juice and put into the fridge.

Put the sugar, ginger (peeled and cut into chunks) and the water into a sauce pan on high heat, DO NOT STIR, only shake the pan for a bit and let the sugar dissolve. Let it cook for about five minutes until you got a thick and clear sugar syrup. Let cool a bit and stir into the mango puree. Now you have two options: you can go out and by an ice cream machine, which, for some lucky reason we do happened to have in the house; or you just put the puree in a container and freeze it for 2-3 hours, take it out, mash it with a spoon and put it a back in the fridge for another 3-4 hours.

Done! Spring is on its way, I promise!

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